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Who Do We Look For?

Who Do We Look For?

Our current business owners come from a wide variety of backgrounds and all share our philosophy of providing high quality products and service to our customers. With our diverse range of products and customers, Hip Pocket is ideal for a husband and wife team.


Quality Value Service

Who do we look for

  • You need to be very customer focused with an eye for detail and the desire to learn the finer points about the products we sell, so that you can explain the features and benefits to your customers.
  • The Hip Pocket business franchise format is very different from most franchise systems.  We enable the franchisee the scope and entrepreneurial latitude to develop your business as opportunities arise in their local areas within the standards of the Hip Pocket model.
  • The system does not merely present a list of products or structured sales process without any deviation; it offers so much more.
  • This is not a business where you turn up for work and do the same thing day after day.  Each day is different and the scope of opportunity is limited only by your drive and determination.
  • We don’t just sell Workwear and Safety - we sell so much more - from corporate clothing, chef and hospitality, sporting clubs, school wear, promotional apparel and embroidery services.  This is an exciting, dynamic business.