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The Hip Pocket Business Model

The Hip Pocket Business Model

Franchise Model
The Hip Pocket format provides a business system that benefits store owners with a disciplined structure to follow, whilst allowing the owner a degree of entrepreneurial latitude to take advantage of their local environment and regional market differences.  This makes the Hip Pocket business model adaptable to any Australian location. 
Our business model recognises our Hip Pocket owners as independent business owners rather than just franchisees, therefore a Hip Pocket business will appeal to individuals who have past business experience.

Whilst a degree of individuality is allowed within our system, each Hip Pocket business follows the core principles and business model so as to ensure conformity and uniformity within the group.

Our training and support programs provide high calibre industry and business skills training to our business owners and their staff.  We are continually looking for new products and listen to the requests of our business owners in product development.

The nature of our industry means that if we provide good value, quality products and excellent service, our customers will remember us when they need to replace their workwear.  We place a premium on our customer service programs and constantly review our systems and procedures to see if they can be improved, all the while maintaining a high quality of service to our customers.


  • Proven business format.
  • 5 ½ day business.
  • Growth industry selling OH&S required products.
  • Combination of retail, Business to Business, Tenders/National contracts sales?
  • Broad range of products and customers across a wide range of industries.
  • Strong brand to value add to your asset.
  • Use of the Hip Pocket Workwear & Safety logo trademarks and IP.
  • Access to intra-net site containing manuals, procedures and systems.
  • Access to the group web site and IT platform.
  • Access to the group customer e-supply ordering system.  (on line ordering)
  • Comprehensive pre-opening training in an operational store.
  • Ongoing training, field support, business coaching and mentoring.
  • Part of a business network.
  • Key suppliers with preferred trading terms.
  • Group buying power.
  • Exclusive own label program.
  • Hip Pocket Workwear & Safety product catalogue.
  • Marketing support.
  • Site selection assistance
  • Site development, design and merchandising assistance.