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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How much will it cost to open a Hip Pocket Workwear & Safety store?
A:  Typically a Hip Pocket business will cost between $250,000 - $300,000. This includes franchise fee, fit-out and opening stock. Costs vary due to the store size, condition of building and works required to bring it up to standard. Working Capital reserve is also recommended for the business to grow.

Q:  What is the typical size of a standalone Hip Pocket store?Floorplan
A:  Stores vary in size from 250Sqm to 400Sqm.

Q: What is the monthly Franchise Fee?
A:  Unlike most other franchises we do not charge a franchise fee on sales. You pay   a small percentage management fee based on your monthly stock purchases. 

Q:  Do franchisees receive preferential pricing from suppliers?
A:  Yes, in many cases the Hip Pocket group supplier discounts are greater than the monthly management fee you pay.  

Q:  Is there a marketing levy?
A: Yes, a total of 1.5% of gross sales is collected for advertising and marketing.

Q:  Does Hip Pocket Workwear & Safety have financial models as a guide?
A:  Yes, we have comprehensive financial models derived from the actual results of trading stores based of varying Gross Profit Margins.

Q:  How is my store site selected?
A:  We will assist you in securing premises, combining demographics, our knowledge of where a store should be located and your local knowledge of the area makes a good formula for selecting the best possible location for your business.   
In many cases we have identified suitable sites in prime locations through our network of contacts with property developers and real estate companies. 
Our store fit-out team will visit your site and design the exterior and interior fit out, once all the necessary permits have been obtained work with you in the set up of your store.  A full turnkey set up is available if required.  You hold the lease on the site. 

Q:  How much training will I receive?Manuals
A:  You will receive a comprehensive training program covering all aspects of owning and operating a Hip Pocket store.  It includes computer systems, operating procedures, management, Day to Day store operations and product training. 

Q:  After my initial training and my store is open what kind of ongoing support will I receive?
A:  Training and support is continuous, consisting of; 

  1. Field Support, Site visits, phone & e-mail support on product.
  2. Key customer development assistance.
  3. Master Franchise business mentoring.
  4. Access to the Group Intranet – Manuals, Systems and Procedures.
  5. Ongoing supplier product training.
  6. 1 state conference per year.
  7. 1 annual conference per year.

Q:  How long is the franchise term and can I sell my franchise?
A:  You have 2 terms of 5 years, so yes your franchise is yours to sell.